Two lambs sleepingSo it turns out that I’ve taken too much on again. I’ve been cutting back and resting, but this month is still really busy and I haven’t found my blogging mojo again yet. I’m chipping away at post about cotton and I’ll share that once its done. In the meantime, I’m sorry to have left you hanging, and I hope you’ll be patient with me as I get back up to speed.

Thank you so much for reading.

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2 Responses to Sorry

  1. Hope you are getting a chance to rest and recharge. I’ve just started reading a book you may also have read “To Die For” by Lucy Siegle. I’ve just started reading it and it’s giving me some insights into the fashion industry that explain some of the things I see when I shop for clothes, in particular the poor fabric quality and terrible manufacturing in some brands. I have a feeling the book will make me feel sad by the time I reach the middle. If you haven’t read it I could pass it on to you when I’m done.

    • cheliamoose says:

      Thanks for checking in on me, it’s very kind of you. I’m in the midst of a career change amongst other things so things are flowing well but hapazardly for me at the moment. I keep starting up that Cotton article and then putting it down again – it’s my nemesis at the moment!
      I think I’ve heard of Lucy’s book, but I haven’t read it. I’d be interested in reading it after you although I agree it sounds like a pretty harrowing read.

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