An Oma stitch block cowl

Stitch block cowl

My kind neighbour deigned to model my latest creation for this blog 🙂

Check it out, I finished something! My knit projects move at snail’s pace because I’m still relatively new to the craft. Also, I only knit once or twice a week during my lunch break. Finishing something is rare and precious enough. This beautiful cowl from Purl Bee Soho stole my heart as soon as I saw the pattern. It feels especially exciting to have made one myself.

The cowl belongs to a friend of mine. I made it from her late Oma’s (grandmother’s) yarn stash. My friend picked out the colour scheme she preferred. I matched the yarn weights as best I could to the original pattern. Our cowl didn’t end up with the same three dimensional punch of the original. Our version has more sheen though, thanks to the soft taupe base colour we used.

Detail of the three stitch block patterns used in this cowl scarf

Detail of the three stitch block patterns used in this cowl scarf

This was the perfect pattern for my intermediate-beginner level. I learnt a few new stitches and three different patterns. It’s the first piece I’ve grafted together. The repetition of each pattern section helped me finesse my rhythm and technique. Luckily for me, the thickness of the pattern hides a multitude of mistakes. The garment quality improved as it progressed!

By the time I completed this project, my friend had given birth to her first child. This cowl will brighten the coming winter days and keep her warm. Infinitely looping from grandmother, to mother and the new life she’s caring for.

Stitch block cowl

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2 Responses to An Oma stitch block cowl

  1. norma says:

    Very pretty! Your knitting is very good.

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