That yearly tomato preserving day

We preserved tomatoes last weekend. It was the biggest ‘campaign’ we’ve attempted yet. Twelve friends processed 50kg of tomatoes into kasoundiketchup and a sweet tomato-chilli sauce. We’ve never had success making passata, so instead we chop and bottle tomatoes in jars. We got our tomatoes from the local Crowdsaucing project this year.

By lunchtime we were out of teatowels and by the end of the day we were out of cleaning rags! We filled a bucket full of tomato scraps. The extra large group this year stretched my project management skills. Our ‘product captains’ kept an eye on the details while I kept the bigger picture was in focus. My husband made sure everyone had a cup of tea and we all stopped for a lunch of bruschetta. Of course 😉

We made three rounds of bottled tomatoes, two ketchup batches and one lot of chilli sauce. The chilli sauce was experimental, so no recipe sorry! Most importantly, we smashed out three batches of kasoundi (known in our circles as ‘red gold’).

As you can imagine, there was lots of cheering as we completed each product. It’s a good atmosphere where newbies and old hands get to know each other.

bottles of chopped tomatoes and kasoundi

The products of our labour: chopped tomatoes and kasoundi

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2 Responses to That yearly tomato preserving day

  1. norma says:

    Good idea.
    Our tomatoes are only just planted here….

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