Planting boxes

Space to garden is in short supply when you live in an apartment. A friend was getting rid of some wooden pallet crates, so we took the opportunity to set up a planter box in a car space.

The pallet crate

The pallet crate

We lined the crates with hessian sacks, sourced from Resource Rescue. The staple gun we borrowed from the Brunswick tool library was great at fixing the sacks to the crates.

Following the steps suggested by Gardening Australia, we filled the crates with organic materials. We used what we had, so the woodchip layer was sawdust, donated by a friend who turns wood as a hobby. Grass clippings came from the local park, given we don’t have a lawn ourselves! We were lucky to be gifted some left over pea straw as well as blood and bone from a friend who was moving. The only things we had to buy were compost and manure.

The construction was a group affair, even the smallest members of our apartment block helped out! Here’s hoping we get to grow many more vegies now 🙂

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