Brunswick tool library

I’ve never needed to use a staple gun. If it weren’t for a friend gifting me some half-made planter boxes, it’s likely I would never need to use a staple gun. But there it was – the planter boxes needed a lining, and I didn’t know anyone with the tool I needed. Brunswick tool library came to my rescue.

The service desk of the Brunswick tool library

The service desk of the Brunswick tool library

A tool library is a store of garden and handiwork tools that you can borrow. It saves you having to buy and store all those rarely used implements for random projects that pop up. It also reduces consumption, because one tool can be used by many people. Like many community groups, the tool library is also a great way to meet like minded people. You also get to learn from their skills and experiences.

The tool library is currently in a co-working studio in Brunswick (more on that later). We were greeted by a volunteer at the front desk, who set up our membership to the group. Behind him was the storage room for all the tools. They were neatly organised by task and collected in boxes or hung from hooks along the walls. Our minds bubbled with ideas for all the projects we could do now we had these tools at our finger tips!

Selecting tools

Selecting tools

We found the staple gun we needed, and borrowed a few other items as well. The library allows you to borrow tools for one week which suited us well; our project would be done within the day.

The tool library’s home is being redeveloped this month, and they don’t yet have a new location to move to. If you know of a suitable space please let them know.

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