Does Broome have a mythical place in the Australian imagination? When I said I would be travelling there, everyone declared their wish to go. Few people seem to have followed through on that dream. I suspect it has something to do with the distance and cost involved!

Gantheaume point

Gantheaume Point. Known by the locals as ‘4WD dreaming’

Broome is maybe the furthest place on the Australian mainland from where I live. Its a small, but growing coastal town in the north of Western Australia. Visitors come for tropical beaches, pearls and resort life. I’ve already been and done all that before. This time I came to explore the inland Kimberley region. We had two weeks to explore the famous gorges and rock outcrops of the Kimberleys. We’d set our sights on an overnight hike in Purnululu and a drive along the Gibb River Road. We wanted nights under the stars, swimming and adventure. We got all that and more than we bargained for!

Piccaninny creek walk

My favourite section of the overnight Piccaninny creek walk

Our car broke down not once, but twice 😮 We discovered how nice Kununurra is even when you don’t mean to visit it. We jumped the border to the Northern Territory. I got to see brolga in the wild for the first time. We feasted on freshly cooked scones on Ellenbrae cattle station. We got Bell gorge to ourselves for sunset wine and cheese. A coolibah tree shaded us before a ‘chaffeured’ drive back to Broome 😉

Tow truck

Getting towed back to Broome

I had one final week in Broome to spend with family. Catching up required lots of beach walks and sippies (drinks) at sunset. I attempted to make a dint in my aunt and uncle’s fantastic book collection. I learnt about stars with Greg Quicke and how history is preserved at the Broome Heritage Centre. Flying home via Perth, I took the opportunity that the six (6!) hour layover provided and got to meet one of my favourite bloggers: Lindsay at Treading my own path. If this description has piqued your interest, check out my trip notes. It was a most wonderful trip.

Sunset over the lagoon

Sunset over the lagoon in Kununurra

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