Walking the Wilderness coast

Rockhopping near Benedore RiverIt’s taken me 10 years, but I’ve finally walked part of the Wilderness coast track! I first visited the far east of Victoria as part of the support crew of a group hiking the Wilderness coast. The walk is in Croajingalong National Park, which is a beautiful, varied and relatively remote part of the state. I was too nervous of my ability to do the walk then, but I feel in love with the area and promised myself I’d come back. I’ve done a fair amount of hiking now, but I’d worked myself up into a state worrying that I wouldn’t be able to do this walk.

Wilderness coast walkThere’s lots of beach walking (you’ve got a bad knee, said the little voice in my head), there’s not a lot of water available (carrying it all will be really heavy, my voice sneered) and there was a river crossing…with packs (you’ll definitely loose yourself or a pack out into the sea, declared the voice)! But I fought against that voice – I really wanted to give this a go! So I researched as much as I could, got together a great group of friends to hike with me and set out.

Crossing Wingan inletAnd it was fantastic! It is a challenging hike, but our preparation meant most things turned out fine. I found my body was more than capable of the walking, the river crossing was refreshing and the hardest part of the rock hopping was super fun. We saw so much wildlife, including a sea eagle and a pod of dolphins! You can read more about the hike in this separate blog. I’ve tried to write up lots of detail for anyone else who wants to give this walk a go. I’m so delighted by the experience I’m looking forward to planning my next outdoors trip!

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